Cypraea angelicae

At the spring of 1972, among the shells that I obtained from Greek shrimp trawlers which were fishing in West Africa there were some Cypraeas. With the first look I realized that these were different from the other Cypraea species. After studying my books and comparing them with other Cypraea I was quite sure that it was a new species.
After corresponding with Mr. Phillip W. Clover, I met him at the beginning of December on 1972 in Cadiz, Spain during my honeymoon trip. Examining them  he also agreed that it was a new species and decided to describe them. This description was published in the Journal of Conchology Vol. 28, p. 213-216 of1974.
Mr. Phillip W. Clover visited me in Athens in 1976. In the following years, as I was far from shell collecting I had lost contact with him. 
It was a nice surprise for me to meet him by chance in Mactan Isl. of Cebu, Philippines during my trip on May 1997. Here is a photo of us in Coral Reef Resort in Mactan Isl.

 Phil. Clover  Angelica  George

Various articles have been written from serious Conchologists who had a doubt to accept Cypraea Angelicae as a valid species.
For this reason and for the confusion there is in this group,  I have prepared this plate in which Conchologists more expert than me, can compare the Cypraea Angelicae, Petiformis, Petitiana and Pyrum from West Africa, in order to make up their own opinion.
Please note that the Cypraea Petitiana 24,8 mm has orange base which is very unusual for this species.
In the book A GUIDE TO WORLDWIDE COWRIES of Felix Lorenz Jr. 
& Alex Hubert the Cypraea Petiformis was mentioned as important Form or Variation of Cypraea Angelicae. I believe that Cypraea Petiformis is closer to Cypraea Petitiana.

Cyrraea angelicae, petiformis, petitiana, pyrum.


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