Octopus in his home
Octopus in his home
The Octopus finds an crevice in the rocks or creates one taking off the sand
and the pebbles under the rocks.
It then arranges a wall of stones and often bivalves and other shells that is its foods in front of the crevice. This is the home of the octopus.
The octopus wait in the front of its home for attack to the fishes, or go around and collect bivalves and other shells as well several kinds of crabs but always carry them back in its home for eating.
In time of danger the octopus retreats into its home taking with its a part of
wall and closes the crevice.
In this picture is a typical home of octopus in crevice of rocks, from a reef
2 miles far from Voula Bay Saronicos Golf Greece July 97
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